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Our goal
To have a web site that is easy and convient for everyone to use:  Our clients and hopefully a few hundred employers.

Our Clients
Adult men and women, 17 years or older,  who have been incarcerated in a prison or jail, but are now out in the community and need help with finding a job.  People who are motivated to work hard and want to change their life and life style.  People who want to work!

  Have been telling us for over 40 years what they want: hard working motivated people; people who will come to work everyday; honest, reliable, dependable people;  people who will complete the job; people who can work well with others or can work by themselves.

If you are a client or an employer go to our

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it lists: our address, telephone number, fax number and our e-mail address. 

We want to be your "Employment Link"!
Our services are free!  
For over 40 years we have found jobs for men and women when they were released from prison or jail.
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