For thirty-six years Prisoner Release Ministry, Inc. has been working with employers in Will and Kane Counties to help returning offenders find employment.  More than 15,000 of these returning offenders found jobs and became productive members of their communities  - thanks to these employers.
In April of 1971, Peter Bensinger, the Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections, said, " the need to focus on employment for offenders is a critical one." 
Just recently, Attorney General, John Ashcroft, stated, "If we can give offenders an opportunity to finish their education and achieve employment, it is more likely they will not return to the activities that can lead to their return to corrections facilities."
We are encouraged by these comments and look forward to working with all of you in the near future.
Any information you can provide will help us find just the right person for your business:
Skills needed
Job training necessary for your jobs
Experience needed
Projected employment opportunities
We want to alert businesses, trade associations, major service businesses, industrial and manufacturing firms, and unions about the pool of workers available and their un-tapped potential.
Would it benefit your business if you could save $1500 to $2400 dollars on each person you hire in the next tweleve months?
Contact us.  We can help you find the right worker for your business and help you save on your labor costs at the same time!
The financial and social benefits to the community are great each time you hire a returning offender.
Please take a look at our Jobs Skills page and see if you can find someone with the skills you need for your business.
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We will work to be the "Employment Link" you need to find the employee you are looking for. 
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